How to attract more patients – check out some tips

Patient acquisition is a fundamental activity for any clinic or office.

After all, the goal of any business is to attract more qualified customers, generating more sales and profit.

It is the fundamental step to increase your clinic’s profit and attract more patients.

How to attract more patients?

01 – Content Marketing

People are on the internet looking for answers to their questions. Nowadays, hardly anyone looks for a dentist or doctor without first doing extensive research on the topic of their need or desire.

Use your website, blog, social networks and newsletters via WhatsApp to attract more patients by sharing content that engages your readers and makes them remember your click when necessary.

02 – SEO

This acronym in English means working internally and externally to your website to improve your Google ranking.

Did you know that 60% of the clicks from a search go to the first place in the organic search on Google. This means that out of 10 people who search for any term, 6 will click on the first one.

SEO is a technical job and you should seek out a digital marketing agency or a specialized SEO consultancy to help your site rank better in Google searches.

It’s not a quick job or an immediate result, but once your site starts to position itself well in searches you will feel a difference in your schedule.

03 – Use Linkedin

Linkedin is still a social network very little used by health professionals.

Imagine a place where you find millions of people looking to connect professionally, update and also consume.

Linkedin is still vacant ground for many dentists and doctors who focus on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

As it is a professional network, explicit advertising does not take so well. Its best use can be through active commercial prospecting and also for content distribution in a segmented way.


There are dozens of healthcare marketing strategies to attract more patients. The important thing is that you adopt the ones that are most likely to work with your target audience.

If you want specialized help to set up a strategy for attracting patients, get in touch and talk to one of our specialist consultants in companies in the health sector.

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