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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors to Attract Private Patients

We all know that health plans stifle the agenda of medical professionals, attracting a volume of patients, however, they pay very little and generate a lot of work, not always remunerated with due profit.

Thinking about helping doctors and medical clinics to attract more private patients and increase the profit of their clinics and offices, we publish below a list of 5 marketing strategies for doctors to attract more private patients.

5 marketing strategies for doctors to attract more private patients

01 – Sponsored links

It is a fact, social networks and Google itself make money when you pay them to advertise your company.

In this way, it becomes increasingly difficult to have a good reach on social networks and on Google itself without investing in sponsored links.

But watch out! It’s not enough to pay for Insta or Facebook to show your clinic’s advertisement.

Bet on a good segmentation of your audience, start with a lower investment and test several ads, validating with your digital marketing agency which message has the most visits and generates more leads (potential patients).

02 – Turn your website into a magnet to attract patients

That era when having an institutional website worked is over. Your website needs to be dynamic and constantly updated with downloadable articles, videos and e-books.

Try installing a plugin on your website that captures visitor data and creates a list of people who have accessed your website.

03 – Use your website’s visitor list to remarketing

It happens a lot. Sometimes a person who is not yet ready to make an appointment will visit your website and leave.

But if you hired a good digital marketing agency for doctors, you will be able to map and track the movements that this visitor makes on the internet.

From there, using a marketing strategy called remarketing, you can continue to interact with your visitors even when they are on other sites.

That way the name of your clinic lives on in their memory and eventually they will convert.

04 – Use social media ethically

No Tik Tok dances or posts about politics, religion and other political topics.

Create a harmonious feed on your social networks by merging information with patient cases, always respecting the code of medical ethics.

Think about the questions you receive the most in the day to day of your medical practice and turn those questions into videos on your Youtube channel and also on Instagram.

Nothing sells more than becoming a reliable source of reference and reliable information for your potential patients.

05 – The email didn’t die

If you work with an adult audience that has an active professional life, know that this audience accesses your email box daily.

While many doctors and medical clinics do not use the relationship marketing strategy via email, others gain followers on their social networks, and are able to schedule appointments because they maintain a well-made monthly newsletter sent to their customer base.

Don’t fall for the fallacy of believing that everyone has abandoned email. Is not true. Look at the profile of your audience, if they are adults and more adults, it is definitely worth investing in email.


There are dozens of marketing actions in medicine that can and should be used to attract more private patients to your clinic.

This article only intends to awaken in you a medical professional the sense of importance of treating medical marketing as a tool to support your medical practice.

If you want to put together a professional medical marketing strategy with the help of a team of consultants and medical marketing experts with over 25 years of experience, get in touch and speak with one of our experts.

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