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4 digital marketing actions for dentists

Digital marketing in dentistry has been widely accepted by dental professionals over the past 5 years.

Some large clinics and franchise networks even invest more than 100k per month in digital marketing for their dental clinics.

But don’t be alarmed! Although your budget is small, you can invest in digital marketing in dentistry and attract more patients to the office.

In this brief article we will give you 4 digital marketing actions for dentists of relatively low cost and that will, yes, attract more patients to your clinic or dental office. Follow us !!

Digital marketing for dentists

There are dozens of digital marketing activities in dentistry, but if your budget is short, bet on the following 4 activities to advertise your clinic and attract more patients:

01 – Create a website

Nowadays it is possible to build a simple website for your clinic from $ 1.000.00.

Of course, you can use some free website creator like and end up developing a simpler website yourself.

But between us: Your time is very valuable to devote to creating a website for your clinic.

Hire a digital marketing agency for dentists or a freelancer and create your website online.

A good website, even if simple, will help your clinic to have a presence on the web, to be found by potential customers and to give greater visibility to your office.

02 – Open a YouTube channel

Youtube is the second most accessed site in the world, behind only Google itself.

Having a YouTube channel for your clinic does not cost anything, besides of course, your time and knowledge.

To start, use your own cell phone, choose guidelines and subjects that are part of your patients’ doubts on a daily basis.

Publish regularly, without editing, just be careful with the brightness and sound. Place the phone in front of you and literally, utter the verb.

Over time you can hire a dental marketing agency or even a film crew. But not now. Now it’s time to put your message on the internet, make yourself known and show your knowledge.

Don’t forget to link your business hashtags to the video. So, for example, if you are recording a video about dental implants and your clinic is in Rio de Janeiro, when uploading the video, put the hashtags associated with your business. In this example, good hashtags would be: #dentistarj #implanterio # dental implants and so on.

03 – Create a professional Instagram account

Especially useful if your work is aimed at oral rehabilitation, dental aesthetics or any other type of aesthetic procedure such as facial harmonization.

If you want to call patients to your office, you need to invest in images and publicizing your work.

Nothing better than a social network totally focused on the image than Instagram.

Instagram for dentists can be a great place to expose your portfolio of services, where you will show the quality of your work and the transformation you produce in the lives of your patients.

Don’t forget, just like on YouTube, to insert your business hastags in the publication.

Make a variation in the posts, sometimes posting case photos, sometimes posting testimonials from patients satisfied with their work and even short videos showing the routine of your clinic.

04 – Partnership with micro-influencers

How to partner dentist with influencers? First of all, it must be clear that you do not need to have a mega digital influencer, one of whom has millions of followers on social networks to form a partnership,

Think of your local community, especially in more popular neighborhoods or inland towns. There will always be that local micro-influencer, who has 4 or 5,000 followers, but who are an active part of your community.

After choosing the influencer, discuss with him what kind of partnership you can make. Don’t do like many dentists who post a single photo on the clinic’s timeline with the influencer and believe it will pay off. Will not.

The truth about dentists working with digital influencers is that it only works if there is a plan.

Take the example of major dental franchise chains that use local micro-influencers in needy communities and cover month after month, like a soap opera, the influencer treatment sequence at the clinic.

A sequence of posts that have a connection between cause and effect has much more value than a single post in time.


Digital marketing in dentistry is a reality. Despite a lot of confusion about what is marketing in dentistry and what is digital marketing for dentists, in fact, you cannot be left out.

There are several possibilities and digital marketing strategies for dentists, but in this article we list 4 low cost digital dental marketing activities, which require your attitude and participation more than money itself.

If you are already at another level and want to know more about digital marketing for dentists, get in touch and talk to a dental consultant from the Senior Marketing team. We can help your clinic to have more visibility, advertise your office and attract more patients to the clinic.

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