The must-have item in medical marketing

After more than 20 years assisting doctors and medical clinics, in the creation of dissemination strategies, medical advertising and medical marketing, we have come to some important conclusions.

It is well known that the medical profession has strongly adhered to the so-called medical marketing in recent years.

The growth of digital marketing in medicine and the use of tools like Instagram and Facebook are already widespread in the medical profession.

This is great, but in the meantime, there is a problem that we have identified with the performance of the medical profession: the ignorance of what is marketing in medicine and what marketing can do for doctors and their offices and clinics.

Understanding of what marketing is. The must-have item in medical marketing

It is almost deterministic. Medical professionals do not understand what marketing is, what marketing is for and how it can be applied in favor of their careers and businesses.

To begin to understand what medical marketing is, we can describe what is not marketing:

Medical marketing is not about having a well-made website;

Medical marketing has nothing to do with social media management;

Physician marketing is not just about medical advertising;

Marketing to doctors is not selling;

Marketing in medicine is not self-promotion.

After all, what is marketing in medicine then?

“Marketing in medicine is the science that seeks to understand, meet and exceed the expectations of a specific group of people.”

Marketing in medicine has several functions, namely:

Clearly determine who is the correct target audience for your office or clinic. Target audience, and beyond, the persona of your ideal customer is a marketing function.

Create a brand identity, whether personal or business that demonstrates the value proposition of your office / clinic for your persona.

Communicate clearly, without commercial appeal, but in a persuasive way, its benefits, attributes and values ​​for its target audience;

Analyze, select and choose the best communication channels, whether online (Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.) or offline (Magazines, newspapers, TV, etc.) that will be more effective in bringing your message, your advertisement and your proposal of value for the profile of your ideal client;

Calculate and determine the best price for your table of services based on mathematical criteria, but also, strategically (strategic price);

Select, train, monitor and motivate people (team);

Analyze, select and determine the best commercial point (square) for setting up a doctor’s office or clinic.

Yes, maybe you didn’t know that, but marketing in medicine is a business management philosophy.

A philosophy where your patient is placed in the (really) center of your clinic’s attentions and all processes are directed towards the complete satisfaction of your needs, desires and pains.


Much more than medical advertising or creating and posting information on the social network of the moment, medical marketing has a much broader scope.

So, now you know that the fundamental item of any marketing strategy for doctors is the knowledge of what marketing means in medicine.

If you would like more information on the use and implementation of professional medical marketing, contact us and speak with one of our specialists.

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