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6 digital marketing tips for dentists

The first point you need to think about is that digital marketing in dentistry is an investment.

Digital marketing has become a great ally of dentists, dental clinics and offices in the dissemination of their services. Depending on the position adopted by the dental professional on social networks, it can, on the one hand, greatly increase the number of patients, or on the other hand, end your business.

The so-called traditional marketing carried out with pamphlets, dissemination in neighborhood newspapers and indications are no longer sufficient in a market as competitive as that of dentistry.

Exactly to help you in this complex scenario, we have prepared 6 digital marketing tips for dentists.

1 – Find out where your audience is

100 million people are connected and access Facebook daily. Worldwide, that number is close to 1 billion people.

In the face of so much information, so many opportunities, a dentist needs to know how to position himself in the network to attract patients.

And of course, it is necessary that the dental professional understands the limits of digital marketing for dentists.

First of all, you need to read and understand the restrictions imposed by the code of ethics in dentistry, which defines, among other things, the rules for advertising in dentistry.

Dental services cannot be sold via telemarketing, among other situations that may configure what the code calls “patient grooming”.

That is why it is essential to be aware of the possibilities and opportunities that digital marketing for dentists offers, even within the rules of your board.

02 – Understand the possibilities

Digital marketing for dentists consists of tools, strategies and processes.

Specifically speaking about tools, they are numerous. For dental professionals to practice dental marketing that will really attract more patients to the office, it is necessary to know the main tools of the market and their possibilities within advertising for dentistry:

Tools like Instagram, Facebook, Google and Linkedin are the main tools for marketing in dentistry, but they are not the only ones. The world of digital marketing is broad and fast paced. Periodically new tools enter the field.

Carefully evaluate the resources of each one of them and see which or which ones make the most sense to invest in the advertisement of your dental clinic.

03 – Precise investments

The great advantage of doing dental advertising on the internet is its extremely high measuring capacity.

It is possible to know with a high degree of precision how many people saw an ad for your clinic on the internet, on which channel, if it was on Google, Facebook or Instagram, for example.

In addition, digital marketing strategies for well-made dentists can even record conversions, that is, the moment when a stranger becomes a lead, that is, someone who was impacted by your advertisement and scheduled an appointment, or even requested more information by WhatsApp and / or phone.

04 – Follow the customer journey

Until a person who has never heard of your clinic actually becomes a patient will go through some phases or stages.

It is a fact that different people carry out consumption journeys, that is, they go through different stages.

To know which is the best patient to capture and to design a digital marketing strategy for dentists well done, always start by defining your persona.

The persona is the definition of the demographic and psychographic characteristics of an ideal patient.

To create the persona of your clinic, you can rely on good clients you have had, or on the profile of a patient that would be ideal.

When defining the persona, take into account age, sex, income, but focus mainly on behavioral aspects. What does this typical persona value? Is it focused on low price? Is it someone who has an active social life?

The better the definition of the persona, the more effective your digital marketing strategies for dentists will be.

An important fact to note is that understanding the consumer’s journey will allow you to understand that not everyone who will be impacted by your internet advertising will be ready to make an appointment.

Thus, a person who is just at the stage of discovering the problem may be impacted by your advertisements and get in touch just to clear up any doubts, in that first moment.

Therefore, a good digital marketing strategy for dentists takes into account the entire journey of your potential patient and collaborates through concrete actions so that he / she will move more quickly to the moment of consumption (consultation).

5 – Keep your digital assets well maintained

Your digital assets are your online brand, your website, your social media accounts, etc.

Google values content a lot and, therefore, keeping your site up to date with articles, videos, quick tips is essential.

Responsive websites, that is, adapting to the format of reading devices are essential. Another important point has to do with the loading time of your website. He needs to be quick. Remember, in times of internet people have little patience.

Updated websites and social networks with good content lead to an increase in patient enrollment. Firstly, they are attracted by its content and start to see their clinic or the professional as a reference in the segment.

6 – Keep an eye on the competition

When it comes to digital marketing for dentists, it is necessary to focus on the dental marketing strategies adopted by the competition. For example, recently, we have seen an increasing adhesion of professionals in the field in the publication of fun and relaxed videos on Reels, which is part of Instagram.

Mapping, tracking and learning from competitors shortens paths and makes your life easier. But be careful! It is not to imitate competitors. Everything that is common, repeated and without originality becomes generic and little valued by the competition.


Remember the maxim: “Whoever is not seen is not remembered”. On the internet, the dental professional who does not appear does not exist. End.

Take care of your personal image, the image of your clinic. Digital marketing for dentists is not an expense. It is an investment. If done well it will attract more patients to the office, attract private and qualified patients.

If you need help to attract more patients, advertise your clinic on the internet and create marketing strategies for dentists who convert into paying patients, contact us.

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