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5 digital marketing tools for dentists

Digital marketing in dentistry is a set of techniques, tools and channels that has been increasingly accepted by dentistry.

You know, in today’s competitive dentistry market, it’s not enough to be an excellent dentist, to have cutting-edge equipment and excellent infrastructure. It is necessary that all potential clients know that your clinic exists and its competitive advantages.

It is exactly to give visibility to your clinic, to attract more patients who are fit with your work proposal that digital marketing exists.

Digital marketing in dentistry has the function of giving visibility, attracting more patients and helping to retain your current patients.

See below 5 digital marketing tools for dentists that you should use (some or all of them) in your dental clinic:

01 – Google Adwords sponsored link campaigns

Sponsored links are ads that you make on Google advertising the services of your dental clinic.

It is based on a real-time auction system. Basically, you choose one or more terms, also called keywords, like “orthodontics in São Paulo”, for example, and every time someone types these terms on Google, your ad will appear in response to that search.

Of course, there are many details that make a sponsored link campaign on Google Ads bring patients to your clinic or not. These details are beyond the scope of this brief article, but for now, what you need to know is that Google Ads has several filters to target the target audience of your ads, which makes them very effective.

In addition, when you use Google Ads to advertise your dental clinic, you end up attracting those patients who are already closer to the time to hire a dentist.

Opening a Google Ads account and starting advertising your clinic’s services is a relatively simple job. But, make no mistake! The difference between the tool’s ease of use and its effectiveness are the years and years of experience of a good media and performance analyst.

Do not believe that Google Ads alone will bring you patients. It takes a lot of research work, knowing the profile of your ideal patient and creating ads with texts (copy) very well prepared.

02 – Sponsored Ads Campaigns on Facebook Ads

Look, everyone is on social media, right? Well, that statement may be an exaggeration, but it is a fact that millions of Brazilians browse daily on social networks, being the main ones in Brazil (at the time of this article), Facebook and Instagram.

But, you dentist need to understand that social networks are a relationship channel. Ok, ok, many companies are using this relationship channel to make sales, but it is a slightly different context than who sells a service.

Still, people are sensitive to good offers and opportunities. Our recommendation, if you want to use Facebook and Instagram to attract and attract patients is to use the sponsored link campaigns feature on these platforms.

What is cool about this type of action is the amount of resources that the tool makes available so that your campaigns to publicize your clinic are targeted at patients with high conversion power.

Unlike Google Ads, where audience segmentation is more geographic, on social media it is possible, in addition to demographics (Age, gender, etc.) to also capture psychographic data, that is, what people like and what they are interested in.

These filters allow you to make highly targeted ads, and the more targeted the ads the more effective they are.

See, for example, if your clinic’s audience is made up of women seeking aesthetic treatments such as those based on hyaluronic acid and facial wires, you can create ads with very targeted audiences, reaching exactly women who are on the network and who follow certain profiles or accounts targeted to that field of interest.

Again, this type of tool needs 3 well-integrated and well-made parts to attract patients: 01 – Good targeting of the target audience, arts (creatives) that attract attention, as well as a copy (text) of the ads that I activate the person’s interest in clicking and going to your destination website or landing page.

03 – Content

Content is king. This phrase has already become a cliché in the internet world, but it remains true.

Understand, the vast majority of people who are looking for a service or product on the internet, are not yet ready to buy.

Today, with access to information at your fingertips, it is much easier for a consumer to learn about any type of thing.

We all go through phases or stages until the moment of purchase arrives. These steps involve raising awareness of a problem, learning and discovering, considering solutions and making the final purchase decision.

It happens in dentistry too. Often a person does not even know that he has a dental problem, but when reading an article or watching a video he ends up becoming aware that the lack of early treatment can lead him to have future problems. She then starts to consider ways to solve this problem, until the moment when she actually makes an appointment with a specialist professional.

Realize that between the beginning of this cycle until its end, days can even go from months to months (or years).

And where does the content come in? Is that the content, be it in video, articles, texts in general, are tools that clarify, educate and prepare patients to buy in the future.

Good content is content that modifies a patient’s initial perception, adds information, entertains and educates potential patients.

In addition to all this, the content has another function: to position you and your clinic as an authority on a certain topic.

Having a YouTube channel with educational videos on the various types of oral diseases and their forms of treatment, or a blog permanently updated with the latest news on dental aesthetics are great tools to publicize your dental clinic and attract more patients.

04 – Email marketing campaigns

The email is dead, right? Wrong! Never been so alive. Virtually everyone who works for a company has and accesses a corporate email daily.

Never believe that because you don’t use a particular channel, it shouldn’t be used by anyone else.

But, here is a parenthesis: Don’t use email marketing to sell. Use to educate, to nurture relationships, to be useful.

And by the way, very important: Don’t buy email lists, don’t send cold mails, that is, the famous SPAM, to see if you get it.

Email marketing does work, but with its own list of customers, with a good cadence of emails, with relevant information for each audience and with the right expectations.

Think between 3% to 5% effectiveness in well-designed email marketing campaigns. It may seem little, but it all depends on your clinic’s average ticket. Imagine a list of 5,000 people whose conversion rate is 3% at an average ticket of R $ 500.00. How much does that mean in money? We’ll make it easy for you. Exact R $ 75,000.00 in treatments! Not bad, right?

05 – Lives

I know, you will say that lives are very beaten, that no one can stand to see lives anymore. Anyway, it …

Lie, lie, lie. Those who took advantage of the pandemic moment to make lives, really have no options. You know that story of abusing the medication … yeah, that’s what happened.

But, for those who were already making lives part of their marketing strategy, lives continue to be a great channel for visibility, attracting patients and converting.

Effective lives are those that have a well-defined theme, a script (presentation, theme development, closure, call to action) and a complement after the live.

This add-on is perhaps the most important part of live, and the vast majority of dentists fail. It is necessary to continue the conversation that took place on the live.

After all, what you want with your live is to attract more patients to your clinic, right? You don’t want to just give away free information or get likes and views. What you want with your live is patient.

Bearing this in mind, understand that after the live people should be directed to another location, still within your control. It may be to download a complementary material to the content shown on the live, another video, a WhatsApp list.

Understand, lives are tools to generate authority on a topic, but above all to attract more patients.


Digital marketing for dentists has grown a lot. But, there is still a lot of confusion about digital marketing in dentistry.

The primary objective of investing in digital marketing actions for dentists is to attract more patients. End.

Do not worry, at first, with number of followers, number of likes. These are parallel metrics. They are what we call (and have been copied) vanity metrics.

If you want to invest in dental results marketing, which attracts more patients to your office and generates revenue and profit, contact us.

We have helped over 500 dental clinics in 12 countries and we can help your clinic too!

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