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How to make your clinic known to thousands of people in your region

People are all online, right? WRONG!!

As much as the world is becoming digital, interactions are increasingly superficial and online, thousands, in fact millions of people EVERY day come together in public places, such as neighborhood associations, churches, unions, gyms, training courses. languages, utility agencies and dozens of other places to network.

Nothing replaces the power of personal contact. The level of relationship that is created between personal interaction is much higher, more meaningful and deeper than any online marketing action.

That is why, if you want to make your clinic known to thousands of people who live and attend the region where your business is established, the best alternative is: get out of the office and hold live events!

How to make your clinic known to thousands of people in your region

In practically every city, every region, every neighborhood, every community there are places of great concentration of people who live or work nearby.

The most common places are usually temples, churches, neighborhood associations, unions, non-governmental organizations, clubs, etc.

Almost all of these locations have spaces, either in the form of rooms, or auditoriums for discussing topics that are of interest to people in your congregation.

This is where the great opportunity for your clinic lies. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to talk about your service to dozens, hundreds and often thousands of people who live and work near your clinic?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to educate people and raise awareness of the importance and VALUE of your service?

You can do that. All you need is:

Map locations in your region that have community spaces (Ex: Churches, temples, associations, clubs, unions, schools, etc.).

Identify a topic in your domain that may be of interest to the visitors of these places (Ex: A pediatrician could give a lecture on health care in childhood, or an orthodontist could talk about the first dentition and breastfeeding);

Create a way to leave your trademark in people’s minds and memories. This can be done with a simple souvenir with the logo of your clinic or by distributing folders with complementary information.

A note: Do not treat events as sales opportunities, but as an opportunity to communicate with the market, as a way to advertise your services without being invasive and in a very light way and that creates credibility for your clinic.

The fact is that those who are always close to their community, will always be remembered as “the reference” in their sector.

We here at Senior have several cases of customers who started looking for opportunities to interact with their local audiences and had real results of increased service sales.

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