Dental marketing on Instagram

Dental marketing on Instagram

Instagram has about 16 million users in the country, according to data from the company itself.

With so many people connected in this social network, dentists from all over Brazil started to open their accounts on the network and started to publicize their services there.

But, the question remains: How to do dental marketing on Instagram? Is it possible to capture patients on Instagram? Or would it be a waste of time to invest in dental marketing on Instagram?

To help you who are looking for dental marketing strategies and forms on Instagram, we wrote this article. Stay with us

Instagram Marketing for Dentists
What you need to understand

See, marketing is not a tool and Instagram is a (very good) tool, as are Facebook, Google and even the good old pamphlet.

More important than the tool is knowing what, how, where and what you are going to use a tool for, do you agree?

So, the first question you have to answer is: What do you want to use dental marketing on Instagram for?

If your answer falls into one of the following, it’s time to rethink:

“Because I want to publicize my work”.

“Because my patients ask me to be there”.

“Because my colleagues are picking up patients on Instagram.”

“Because Instagram is the fashion social network”.

“Because yes…”

Understand, Instagram in dentistry needs to be used for a purpose. Goals have numbers and dates to happen.

The two ways to use Instagram for dentistry

Just like any communication tool, there are two uses you can give Instagram for your dental clinic, namely:

01 – Dental marketing on institutional Instagram

The goal here is to make relationships only, make your brand visible to people who already know your service, or who may potentially be browsing the social network and see your content.

The problem here is that more and more dentists are doing institutional marketing on Instagram, so their message weakens. There is a lot of noise, a lot of people doing the same thing, more posts about facial harmonization, more lives, more videos about Invisalign (boring, repetitive and without effect).

What happens here is that your message doesn’t capture patients, or it captures patients on a limited scale and in an empirical way, that is, you don’t have a standardized and repetitive marketing process on Instagram that will allow you to capture patients every day on Instagram.

It is the use of dental marketing on Instagram only institutional. Good, but average, without much commitment to results. The famous “social media management” sold in prose and verse by Instagram courses for dentists and marketing agencies for dentists.

02 – Dental markteing on Instagram with a focus on capturing patients

Here things start to get more interesting … you do actions on Instagram that always have the ultimate goal of capturing new patients coming from Instagram.

The concept here are campaigns to capture patients on Instagram. It involves creatives (ads), targeting audiences (personas) and budget for boosting posts.

Always working with concrete goals, the objective of those who use dental marketing on Instagram focused on attracting patients is to attract paying private patients.

You don’t make a post, a live, a video in order to be seen. You make a post, a live, a video in order to generate queries, evaluations.

This is dental marketing on performance Instagram. Who knows how to do that? Senior Marketing knows. Call us!


Dental marketing on Instagram can be understood in two contexts: Branding, that is, generating knowledge of your brand, your office, your clinic. And performance, where the goal is to use dental marketing on Instagram to attract private patients.

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