Digital results marketing to attract more patients

Every clinic needs patients. This statement seems very obvious at times, it leaves a question in the air: How to attract patients to a dental clinic? How to attract patients to the dental office?

In other words, despite the fact that everyone knows what has to be done, in fact, few people know how to get patients in dentistry.

To help you through this difficult period that our country is going through, we are going to discuss today a practical strategy to attract patients like digital marketing for dentists.

But it’s not what you hear every day about digital marketing. This is not about managing social networks or placing ads here and there on Google.

We at Senior Marketing only believe in one type of digital marketing for dentists: results marketing. The one performed with technique, practical experience of 24 years, without empiricism, with methodology, hundreds of cases to prove efficiency, and mainly, that puts patients in your office. The rest is bullshit.

At this point you must be thinking: This must all cost a lot of money, right? Well, every investment must always be proportional to the expected return.

And what kind of feedback are we talking about here? This type of strategy applies to clinics and clinic networks, or even to the offices of professionals who work with a high average ticket.

Implantodontists, Invisalign Doctors, professionals who work with orofacial aesthetic procedures aimed at class A / B audiences, major oral rehabilitation, etc.

If the average ticket for your treatment is R $ 200.00, this fundraising strategy is probably not suitable for your business. But for professionals who work with an average ticket of R $ 1,500.00 upwards, this strategy is very advantageous.

This strategy of capturing patients using digital marketing for dentists is based on 3 pillars:




We will detail each of these pillars of this strategy to attract patients using digital marketing for dentists. Follow us.


For the strategy of capturing patients to be implemented we will need the following support tools:

Landing Pages

They are web pages, or mini-sites that are formatted to offer a specific service from your dental clinic, such as dental implant treatment or cosmetic procedures with botulinum toxin, for example.

Landing pages must be built according to specific criteria that arouse attention, desire and move the potential visitor to insert their data in the form on the page to receive more information, schedule an evaluation or receive some complementary material.


Autoresponders are tools that automatically trigger emails according to a visitor’s action on a landing page.

Therefore, when filling out a landing page expressing interest in a dental implant treatment, for example, the subscriber receives more information by email, such as a qualification form, or a detailed video on the treatment sequence.

Arts for publicity

It will be necessary to create arts to publicize the treatments offered (implants, ortho, etc.) in the clinic. Digital channels such as social networks and Google itself will be used for this.

Videos and other content

It will be necessary to invest in the creation of videos, e-books and in the formatting of e-mails (copy) that will be sent to potential patients.


Of course, this set of materials separately does not make much sense. What will give effectiveness or not to all this mechanism is the work process, or what you like to call it, the process of capturing patients.

The process basically involves:

A – Create sponsored link campaigns on Google directing visitors to the specific landing pages for each treatment;

B – Promote ads for well-targeted audiences according to the patient profile of each type of treatment on social networks (Facebook and Instagram), directing to specific landing pages;

C – Activate the qualifying autoresponders automatically, triggering emails carefully prepared for conversion to the visitors who express interest in each treatment;

D – Generate an interaction between the person responsible for the sale in your clinic, who can be a well trained secretary, but ideally it will be a person with a sales profile, directly with those potential leads (people who left their data) and were well qualified as potential patients to schedule evaluations.

This process listed above, in a linear sequence, is rarely performed in such a simple way.

Realize that it takes a few steps back and forth until we find the optimum point between the right ads, the copy or text used on the landing pages, the segmentation of the campaigns and especially, the proper training of the team that will make the conversion.

A lot of people at this point may be thinking, “Okay, I can do this myself. Or I hire a cheap agency and direct the work.” If you believe it is that easy, good luck !!

In our 24-year experience in the healthcare market, the difference lies in knowing how to make the right art, for the right person, placing this image in front of the person at the right time, arouses their desire with a killer copy and training a person to that when she picks up the phone and calls the prospectus, speak the right words to convert the visitor into a patient.

How much is this worth to you? How many thousands of reais (or millions) would your clinic bill with a formula like this implemented and running?

3 – Investments

How can you evaluate this type of patient acquisition strategy using digital marketing for dentists that really works requires a lot of investments.

Investments in media (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), development of landing pages, content, copy of e-mails, autoresponders and, mainly, commercial intelligence to attract patients are necessary.

The point here is? What is the return on this type of investment? The naked truth is that it is usually tall.

A clinic with an estimated turnover of R $ 250,000.00 per month will invest an average of approximately R $ 12,000.00 to R $ 25,000.00 (between 5% to 10%) in actions to attract patients with digital marketing for results dentists. .

Realize that the investment in marketing is linear while the return is geometric after a certain point. Of course, every marketing action is a cost until the moment it pays off and starts paying off, at which point it becomes an investment.

Due to our experience and experience in dental clinics that already execute this digital results marketing strategy to attract patients (we have clients with revenues between 150 thousand to 2 million / month), investments in this type of acquisition strategy are generally very appreciated, for many reasons:

Results are easy to measure

Reach patients who are already looking for a specific type of treatment

The cost of acquiring patients is much lower than other media (newspaper, magazine, TV, billboard, etc.).

Ease of changing the promotional message

This is digital marketing for dentists that really works. The one who really brings paying patients to his chair.

Can it be performed by any dental clinic? Probably not. It takes investments, business maturity and guidance from a marketing company for dentists that is really focused on results.

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