Digital marketing in dentistry

Digital marketing in dentistry has the role of communicating about the existence of your clinic in digital media, demonstrating your work proposal, its differentials and allowing potential patients to have a first impression about your business model.

Digital marketing in dentistry consists of 3 items:




Let’s understand a little better what the role of each of these parts is and how they work together to attract more patients to your dental clinic.

The digital marketing tools for dentistry

A digital tool is any application, website, or portal that supports a digital marketing strategy in dentistry.

Examples of digital marketing tools for dentistry are: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin, blogs, news sites, etc.

Tools are the “tip of the iceberg” in digital dentistry marketing. They are the most visible part of digital marketing for dentists and often understood as everything that exists. It is not.

Tools are fundamental for digital marketing in dentistry, but alone they cannot bring great results to dental clinics.

The fact is that the vast majority of clinics that claim to work with digital marketing in dentistry, only use social networks and other digital tools in the hope of attracting more customers.

To attract more patients it is not enough to use only digital tools, they must be integrated with the two other items: Process and People.

Digital marketing process in dentistry

The acquisition of patients by digital marketing in dentistry only works if there is a marketing process.

This process defines what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, when and by whom.

Being very practical and objective, the digital marketing process evaluates, among other points:

What is the objective to be achieved?

What are the goals?

How will we measure if we are reaching the goals?

What digital marketing activities need to be developed to achieve the objectives and goals. In what order?

How much money is available to achieve the objectives?

How will this budget be made available?

Which digital channels will be used to attract more patients?


Realize that the dental marketing process is not a specific campaign or an event loose in time.

Digital marketing planning in dentistry is a permanent set of integrated activities.

Anyway, the results of digital marketing in dentistry happen much more because of a good digital marketing strategy than by using tool A or B.

People in digital marketing strategy in dentistry

A hot spot for digital marketing in dentistry, the role of people who will be involved in a dental marketing process is often underestimated.

It is useless to use the most current digital tools and have an excellent digital marketing process if the people involved are not committed, understand their role and, above all, act actively.

In our experience of more than 25 years with marketing for dentists, it is people who make a digital marketing process in dentistry succeed or not.

See, the people, who can be frontline employees of your clinic, such as secretaries and telephone operators, as well as those who are directly linked to the production of the service itself, such as dentists and ASB are the final tip of a digital marketing process well done.

There is no point in attracting many leads (potential customers) if they are poorly served, they take a long time to get an answer, their doubts are not resolved, they suffer from delays or poor service.

Understand, it is the people who operate the tools and perform the marketing process in dentistry.

Your results with digital marketing in dentistry depend directly on the level of the people involved. End.


In this article we show you that a dental clinic has a different perspective from digital marketing in dentistry.

If you’ve made it this far, you understand that digital marketing for dentists is much broader than having an account on the fashion social network or running sponsored link campaigns on Google.

Digital marketing in dentistry that works involves 3 parts: Tools, process and people. Only with good integration between them will your clinic attract more patients using digital tools.

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