5 ways to advertise to doctors on the internet

It is a fact that without advertising it is difficult for a medical clinic to progress on the market today.

The time when it was enough for the professional to open his clinic in a good commercial point and wait for the patients to arrive is already behind us.

Today, every doctor, every medical clinic needs to advertise their services. It is necessary to invest in medical marketing and communicate the market that the clinic exists, publicize its differentials and obtain recognition from the target audience.

Marketing in medicine

Marketing in medicine is a set of techniques, tools and processes that aims to understand, meet and exceed expectations and a specific group of patients.

Marketing in medicine is much broader than outreach. Advertising is part of the P for Marketing Promotion.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article today. We will address 5 ways to advertise to doctors on the internet.

5 ways to advertise to doctors on the internet.

Before we start talking about the forms of advertising for doctors themselves, a word goes over the basic premises of advertising in medicine:

Always seek information about the rules of the code of ethics for advertising in medicine, as directed by your council.

Advertising and advertising in medicine aims to inform, influence and persuade patients, but does not have the primary function of direct sales, as in the case of retail or industry.

Advertising and publicity in medicine has the intention of showing to a certain group of people (target patients) the advantages, benefits and differentials your clinic has over other players in your market.

That said, it is always good to say that the help of a medical marketing company with experience in this market is very important, to minimize communication errors, maximize the amount of available medical advertising and increase the conversion rate of patients who will be potentially affected by your advertisement.

Let’s now evaluate the 5 forms of advertising for doctors on the internet that you can (should) apply in your medical clinic to attract more patients:

01 – Youtube Channel

Videos are the most accessed content on the internet today. People do not have much patience to read great content in the form of texts and articles, so investing in advertising for your clinic through an educational and informative video channel on the internet is a great form of advertising for doctors.

02 – Digital public relations

Often you have excellent content, but it does not reach the people who could be most interested in it, and therefore become your patients.

There are a number of companies that bridge the gap between the content you produce, such as your videos and a specific audience.

This work involves mapping which are the best digital channels (websites, blogs, applications, etc.) where your content will be made available and propagated to reach the largest possible number of potential patients with the profile of your ideal patient.

03 – Social Networks

Okay, you’ve heard that “everyone” is on Facebook, Instagram or the fashion network when you’re reading this article.

For social networks to really attract, convert and retain patients in medicine, it is necessary to have a medical marketing strategy on social networks.

And what is the strategy? It is the set of actions that need to be performed on social networks that will fulfill your clinic’s objectives when working on medical advertising on social networks.

To be more concrete, it is not enough to just publish good level content on social networks. It is necessary that this content reaches a certain group of people (segmentation) and provokes some action in the potential patient (conversion).

If you want to understand more about how you can attract patients to doctors on social networks, get in touch and talk to a consultant.

04 – Email Marketing

You can believe that no one else reads emails. However, this is not true. According to the American Marketing Association, in a recent survey of more than 7,000 people between the ages of 25 and 45 in the U.S., 74% accessed their email account daily.

What nobody reads are SPAMs. That correspondence that adds nothing to your client.

For a strategy to attract patients to work using email marketing, 3 points are needed:

An opt-in database (your customer register);

Message with interesting title and content to your contact list profile;

A good email trigger program.

Many professionals miss a golden opportunity for not working on the relationship and nutrition of their database over time. Don’t be one of these.

05 – Performance advertisement

Performance medical marketing is one that uses channels, here we are talking specifically about digital, but they are not the only ones, to attract and convert patients.

For this, several tools can be used, such as sponsored ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook, specialized sites with UOL, Folha and Exame, in order to generate direct conversions, such as a consultation schedule.

The focus here is on return on investment and results are measured by concrete benchmarks, such as number of leads generated, total new followers, etc., etc.


If you have a medical clinic you need to invest in promoting your services. Marketing in medicine is essential nowadays for medical clinics and betting on ways to advertise your medical clinic on the internet is essential.

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