Social marketing for dentists and doctors

Social marketing for doctors and dentists

Social marketing is a strategy used by conscious companies that aims to reduce the abyss of social inequalities present in our society, participating and contributing with actions of a purely social nature.

In social marketing, companies adopt attitudes, positions and actions based on the vision of ethics and based on human rights.

We know that Brazilian society presents a diverse profile and given the country’s magnitude, the discrepancies between the population in health services are huge from region to region and often within the same city.

Social marketing is seen as a strategic and marketing tool within companies.

Social marketing uses marketing techniques to promote social policies and well-being.

Every social marketing campaign needs to contain clear and defined objectives, periodic evaluations and course corrections.

Components of social marketing for doctors and dentists

Some elements are essential to structure a social marketing strategy in medical and dental clinics. Let’s see each one below:

01 – Cause

The social marketing strategy must be aligned with your company’s values.

What do you believe? In a more humanized world? Right to access to health for all people? Social inclusion?

The cause is the north of your social marketing campaign. Embracing a cause means putting into practice what is believed, through your clinic, contributing as much as possible so that your cause becomes real.

02 – Promoting change

Once your cause is clear, it is necessary to start promoting what is believed, to the practical part.

Our client’s medical clinic in Recife believes in the cause that all Brazilians must have access to quality healthcare.

They adopted a daycare center on the outskirts of the city and accompany the inmates with monthly visits by the medical team, in addition to providing medical emergency care, completely free of charge for the daycare center.

In addition, the clinic pays the donation of medicines to the children of the daycare center and has already performed surgeries totally free of charge.

You see, the practice here is to move from just a “theoretical” point of view to support a cause for practical actions that actually impact someone in your community, as in the example mentioned above.

03 – Choose who you will help

As in the example of the Recife clinic mentioned above, you need to help directly or indirectly those who share and act in favor of your cause.

See, supporting a cause is not just donating money to an NGO or association and using your logo on your website to look like you “care”.

The social marketing for doctors and dentists that works is one in which your clinic actually embraces a cause.

Choose who you will help. This will help to direct efforts more easily, as well as to find the ideal language to get your message across.

After all, the more your clinic identifies with a cause, the greater the chances of us contributing to it.

04 – Forms of social marketing

There are several ways your clinic can engage with social marketing. Let’s mention some of them:

Donations to benefited entities;

Free advertising about a cause- Using your website, social networks, clinic space to publicize the cause;

Sponsorship of social projects – From the construction of a day care center, educational training for children, etc.

Time and knowledge – It happens when you use what you know and what you have in favor of less favored people.

Advantages of social marketing for doctors and dentists

That social marketing helps people and improves the quality of life for many people, you should no longer have any doubts.

But what about your clinic? Can you really benefit?

Social marketing actions bring the following benefits to your clinic:

Build credibility

Add value to your service

Increase business profitability to society

More exposure and visibility.

These are just some examples of the benefits that social marketing actions bring to your clinic.


This brief article is not intended to be a handbook on social marketing in healthcare companies.

We just want to help you a health professional who thinks about adopting a social cause, or who already works in this field to organize his ideas.

If you are interested in implementing a social marketing project in your clinic, contributing to a better world and with positive results for your business, get in touch.

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