Does digital marketing for dentistry work?

Welcome to our blog! This is another one of our articles that deals with marketing in dentistry.

Today, we want to answer the question clearly: does digital marketing for dentistry work?

The short and straight answer is: Sometimes yes
and sometimes not.

Now, if you have a little patience, let’s go for the (not so) long answer?

What digital marketing in dentistry?

Right away you need to understand that there is no digital marketing. There is marketing. Digital is the channel.

Seeing a market gap thousands and thousands of agencies around the world began to designate the digital channel as a kind of a sub branch of marketing, Nonsense!

But this is inaccurate and incorrect. Talking about digital marketing is not necessary. What really counts is marketing.

In this sense, digital marketing works for dentists if the basic principles of traditional marketing, so to speak, are present.

The basic principles of digital marketing that will make it “work” for dentists are the basic principles of general marketing, namely:

Market segmentation

The difficult, complex and fundamental decision to choose who will be the audience of your clinic.

Market positioning

After selecting the target audience, it is necessary to become a magnet for attracting patients within that market.

This will only happen if your clinic has a clear positioning. Who are you in your patient’s mind? The cheapest? The one with the best technique? The expensive? The exclusive? The best on the market?

To position is to make it clear in the minds of current and potential patients what your clinic’s work proposal is.

Communication with the market

Here comes the most visible aspect of marketing, and that of communicating to the best chosen the positioning of the clinic.

The digital channel (not digital marketing) has been chosen by many dentists to communicate with the market.

But it is not the only and in many cases, nor the most effective.

In addition to communication on digital channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. there are several other ways of communicating, attracting and converting patients, among them: Radio, newspaper, banners, billboards, busdoor, personal sales, active recruitment, press relations, etc., etc., etc.

So, does digital marketing for dentistry work? Yes, when the marketing requirements (segmentation, positioning and communication) were planned and studied, and no, when the only thing you do is create accounts on social networks and make ads and here and there on Google.

We hope that this brief text has helped you to understand the context of marketing (Global) and digital marketing (micro) for dentists and dentistry.

When in doubt, call us and talk to a marketing consultant for dentists.

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