Critical managment dental activities

3 critical activities to increase dental clinic revenue and profit

What activities increase revenue and profit in a dental clinic?

Does your clinic have a good movement but the revenue is low? Do you often lose patients to other clinics that have an inferior service because of the price? Your patient schedule is very busy, but is your clinic not profitable?

If your answer was yes to at least one of the questions above, you may be making some mistakes in the management of your dental clinic.

Today we want to teach you the 3 fundamental activities to increase the revenue and profit of dental clinics.

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Critical success factors for dental clinics

For a company, any company, to be successful in its market, it needs to observe 03 critical factors that will determine whether the business will go well or not.

Let’s see below each of the critical success factors for a dental clinic.

01 – Segmentation and market positioning

A big mistake that 99% of dental clinics make is wanting to be everything to everyone.

You see, people look for specialists, reference in an area. Hardly a clinic that does everything for all types of public will become the reference in its sector.

The first activity to increase the profit and revenue of dental clinics is to segment the operating market.

To segment is to choose between a broad target audience, for example, men and women of class C who live in the region of your clinic, those who are more likely to buy your service and be happier with the results.

The bases of good market segmentation in dentistry take into account, in addition to geographic and demographic data, people’s behavioral characteristics.

Of course, the more you know about the tastes, problems, challenges and desires of your audience, the better the market segmentation for your clinic to operate.

Once you are clear about the audience you are going to serve, you need to determine what position your clinic will occupy in the minds of the people who are part of that audience.

How do you want to be seen and remembered? Like a popular clinic? As a quality reference clinic in the city? Like the one that provides some competitive differential, whether in technology, people or processes?

Positioning the clinic takes place using several elements: The location of the commercial point, its visual identity, the price of its services, its presence on social networks.

Everything is positioning. When you correctly segment your market and create an attractive service offering that solves the pain and desires of that market, success comes in the form of increasing patients, billing and profit.

02 – Define your clinic’s sales funnel

See, every company needs to have a well-defined sales funnel. A sales funnel in dentistry means mapping your potential patient’s entire journey.

It is necessary to understand how he looks for services like yours, what kind of criteria he analyzes, how he defines the choice of a clinic, what kind of attributes he values, where he seeks this information. Finally, the sales funnel represents the company’s vision of a consumer’s purchase journey.

For example, your typical orthodontic patient can begin their shopping journey by researching the types of orthodontic appliances on Google.

Then he can start watching YouTube videos of clinics and dentists that explain the benefits, applications and advantages of invisible aligners.

Convinced that he needs to align his teeth and sensitized by the information he has read and heard, he will start looking for dentists near his home or work to see what the best options are.

At that point, he will return to Google and find clinic sites near him. He will probably contact you via WhatsApp, chat or email asking for more information.

According to what you find, with the level of care given by the clinic’s service personnel, you will form your opinion and end up scheduling an evaluation.

Realize, all this journey described above happened over the internet, but it could be offline too.

It is common in popular places and inland cities that the patient chooses a clinic simply attracted by its location, facade, etc.

The message here is simple and direct: Understand how, where and when your target patient searches for information about services such as those offered at your clinic and which channels he uses to make this selection.

Once your customer’s purchase journey is mapped, it will be necessary to set up a sales funnel that involves channel selection (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Website, Ads, etc.) to monitor and help convert the patient throughout their journey.

Understanding, mapping and creating a sales funnel in dentistry is a critical success factor for dental clinics to increase their turnover and profit.

03 – Have a well-defined sales process

Understand: Marketing attracts, sales converts!

Many dentists and homeowners complain that marketing or marketing agencies themselves do not work.

They complain that they have already invested a lot of money in Google, Facebook and Instagram but have had no financial return.

We believe. It is true that Google, Facebook or the social network of fashion ALONE, without a STRATEGY will never solve the problem of attracting patients and increasing the profit of dental clinics.

The mistake here is to think that so-called digital marketing for dentists or even a marketing agency for dentists is able to convert their patients. It is not.

The conversion takes place within your clinic. And again, it doesn’t just happen because you have a good team of dentists. It’s not like this.

Sales happen when the client understands that his clinic has the best total offer, that is, greater added value than the other competitors in his market.

This only happens if everyone in your clinic understands that they play a fundamental role in conversion and sales.

Have a well-defined sales process. Detail the operations that must occur from the patient’s arrival at the clinic, through the clinical attendance, presentation of the treatment plan and negotiation.

Having a sales process involves people, technology and workflow. Map yours and increase your dental clinic’s revenue and profit.


Increasing revenue and profit is the ultimate goal of every dental clinic owner.

Profit is the entrepreneur’s remuneration for good service to the community. He who leads the improvement of the clinic itself, whether by investing in the structure, in the equipment, in the search for new knowledge and in the excellence of the provision of services to the client.

In addition to the 3 critical success factors for dental clinics mentioned above, there are 7 other factors that applied together will change your level of clinic.

Want to know more? Do you want to increase your clinic’s revenue? Do you want to raise your clinic’s profit to consistent levels? Get in touch and chat with one of our dental management and marketing experts.

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