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Senior Marketing Solutions
Our Experience
+25 years of management and marketing experience for healthcare companies all over the world.

Our team is formed by a group of professionals with expertise and practical knowledge of the health market. We have been helping companies in the health sector to improve their performance, achieve their goals and organize their operations with a view to sustainable growth.

We have offices located in the main financial centers of the United States, Europe and Latin America, with a remote team of experienced consultants who are connected and ready to help you develop your company.

Why Us?

We are results oriented. Our consultancies are customized to the specific needs of your medical or dental practice, always aiming at the growth, and profitability of your practice.


Bringing Life To Your Practice


Start right. We develop your clinic's business plan, designing and paving the strategies for future growth.


Planning of campaigns, strategies and actions to attract, convert and retain patients.


We implemented actions aimed at increasing the number of patients in your clinic and enabling greater business generation.

Do you want to take your practice to another level?

But Don't Take Our Word For It

Dr. Jeremy Palmer

“Senior consultants are very experienced and will create a specific marketing action plan for my practice. We are executing each planned action and already feeling positive results !”

Dr. Rebecca Sullivan

“I needed to change the positioning of my brand and I sought professional guidance. The Senior Marketing team did an excellent job!”

Miami - Flórida:
66 West Flagler Street - Suite 900 Miami, FL 33130

New York - NY
6224 W 35th St Ste 500 New York, NY 10001

Miami (FL): +1 786 738 51201
New York: (NY) +1 (347) 274-8164

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